Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some More on Gardens as Hope and Resistance

In response to the article on gardening in Iraq I recently posted I did some further research and I came across the following website:

It focuses on gardening in war zones and times of conflict. This might sound like a very odd proposition but it actually makes for some very suprising, inspiring and sometimes simply heartwarming stories. One would think that if there are people resiliently struggling to preserve or even to establish anew parks and gardens in places all but torn apart by violence and uncertainty we should perhaps be able to do just a bit more to protect, preserve, and enhance our own - presumably peaceful - green spaces.

On a slightly different note, I promise I will return to posting proper posts with pictures - instead of annotated links - soon; this week has been a bit crazy but hopefull things are about to calm down a bit before I am once again plunged into a tide of research papers and exams.

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