Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finding Inspiration on Flickr

If you are like me and your horticultural endeavors are often propelled by the ideas you glean from gardens you have visited or read about you probably find yourself looking for pictorial inspiration from time to time. In my experience, a simple Google Image Search does not always provide the most satisfying results, especially when it comes to more unusual or less well-known gardens or regions. The photo-sharing site Flickr, on the other hand, has proven an abundant hunting ground for pictorial evidence of diverse gardens and gardening practices in all corners of the globe. Interested to learn more about the colorful tropical creations of the famous Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx but lack the funds and/or time for a quick trip to Rio? Here are links to a few of the many pictures of his landscapes  to be found on Flickr:

Care to learn about gardens in Norway? There seem to be some unexpected treasures hidden in this Nordic country:

Even if you want to know what gardens can look like in war-torn Afghanistan, Flickr can be of service. As an example, here is a beautiful picture of the recently restored Bagh-e Babur, or tomb garden of the first Mughal Emperor Babur, in Kabul:

I certainly do not mean to advertise for Flickr here; I do not even have a Flickr account myself. However, I think that this website and others like it can serve  as a great resource for a gardener looking for inspiration, a picture of a famous garden other than the usual postcard shot, or simply for a bit of beauty on a dreary winter day. Of course, looking at thousands of pictures of fantastic gardens from all around the world can become a huge time-waster very quickly, so be careful; apart from that, nothing stands in the way of your virtual garden tour around the world.

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