Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Early Spring Flowers

I know I am repeating myself here but the other day it was quite mild and sunny and the witch hazels (Hamamelis x intermedia) and crocuses (Crocus tommasinianus) near my building of which I had recently posted the very first blossoms were now in full bloom and I simply had to take pictures.
Unfortunately the sulphur-yellow, delicate blossoms of Hamamelis x intermedia do not look terribly impressive in pictures. In really life, however, they are quite beautiful and a delightful dash of color in this otherwise dreary season. Crocus tommasinianus, too, did not photograph particularly well for me; I wanted to capture the sheer number of flowers, but their light purple color in combination with the bright sunshine made them look so pale that they almost disappear in the picture.
I will be back with more substantial posts - and better pictures - soon. Hopefully more flowers will begin appearing around here in coming weeks...I did see the first emerging daffodil bud today...

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  1. My crocuses won't be making an appearance for a couple of months, so do post some pics of yours so I can get my fix!

    Christine in Alaska


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