Friday, February 5, 2010

When Flowers Get Ugly

While doing my Arabic homework this afternoon I came across this recent news clip on BBC Arabic which might be of interest to any reader who knows some Arabic:

Essentially the clip discusses the accusations of exploitative labor practices leveled against cut flower farms in Ethiopia and the international companies that run them. The workers are paid little and are frequently exposed to dangerous chemicals used to protect the plants, even though one of the company representatives interviewed in the program claims that his company has switched to biological pest control. It is sad to think that people are exploited and their health put in danger for a few flowers, even if the cut flower industry does support the fledgling Ethiopian economy. Yet I also cannot deny that the masses of flowering rose bushes in the greenhouses shown in the clip caught my eye as something of great visual appeal. I guess it is interesting to ponder just how important beauty is to human beings and what people are willing to pay or overlook for its sake.

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  1. Yes, it is sad that people and even children are exploited to satisfy the craving for beauty of others.


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