Saturday, April 24, 2010

Interesting Advertisement Idea

A little while ago my mom - who is amazing - sent me something she had cut out of an Old Navy advertisement. It was a sticker bearing the words "Watch Me Bloom" and "Peel & Plant". When I peeled the sticker off its cardboard backing, its sticky side was indeed sprinkled with seeds and also offered instructions. Apparently the seeds are those of sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima) and I of course proceeded to plant them in accordance with the instructions, if only to see what the result would be.

 The front side of the seed sticker

The back of the sticker with the seeds and the instructions

I am actually quite fond of sweet alyssum - it makes neat, cheerful edges for flowerbeds and re-seeds charmingly in pavement cracks and other such nooks and crannies. My grandmother has somehow managed to have it re-seed abundantly in her garden for decades. It was there already when my dad was a young boy, and to this day he says that sweet alyssum smells "like fixing his bike in the backyard on a summer day". I, for my part, have so far always had to supplement with bought transplants if I wanted the sweet alyssum population in my garden to stay constant because even though the plants would seed quite freely, over the course of a couple of year there numbers would still diminish. As for the advertisement strategy, I wonder how effective it will actually be...It certainly appeals to me and stands out as unusual, but how many potential clothes shoppers will be charmed by such horticultural overtures? However, if it is actually successful, perhaps we will see more such advertisement in the future...

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  1. Yeah a bit strange to make advertisement for a clothes brand, they probably also wanted to add something to the 2010 international year of biodiversity.
    But indeed a great advertisement idea, maybe better suited for gardening tools or something.

    greetings joost


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