Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some Late Spring Flowers, Simply Because I Could Not Resist

May is here and I am somehow trying to make my way through my last set of papers and projects for this semester but really I just want to wander around outside and enjoy the stunning flowers on display everywhere. So here are some more pictures I took in the last couple of days - I hope you like them!

Double crab apple (Malus sp.)

Red azalea (Rhododendron sp.)

Double Narcissus hybrid

Pink dwarf azalea (Rhododendron sp.)

Pink double tulip (Tulipa sp.) with two flowers on a single stem

Scarlet buckeye (Aesculus pavia)

White azalea hybrid (Rhododendron sp.)

Pink horse chestnut (Aesculus x carnea)

White flowering dogwood (Cornus florida)

Deep pink azalea (Rhododendron sp.)

White lilac hybrid (Syringa vulgaris)

Hedge made of red azaleas (Rhododendron sp.)

Daphne x burkwoodii

Red tulips (Tulipa sp.)

White single crab apple (Malus sp.)

Wisteria sinensis

I apologize for the somewhat vague identifications on some of these. Do leave a comment if you can identify one of these plants with more precision!

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