Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Travels 2010 - Part 11: Shanti Kunj in Chandigarh, India

I realize that yesterday's post about the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden did not offer much in terms of colorful pictures but this post should more than make up for that. Shanti Kunj or शांति कुंज, the "grove of peace", is another one of Chandigarh's major parks and while large parts of it are indeed taken up by beautiful groves of trees, this garden also boasts lots of colorful annuals and meticulously maintained arrangements of clipped foliage plants of the sort that appears to be popular throughout much of northern India.

The view into the park from the northern entrance

A somewhat curious decorative feature planted with various ground covers and Agave species with contrasting foliage colors

A lush expanse of lawn edged with large blocks of flowering annuals

Impatiens balsamina, one of my favorite annuals

A big bed of red and yellow blanket flowers (Gaillardia pulchella)

A block of Zinnia elegans

 A bed of red cockscomb (Celosia cristata) with many enormous flower heads

Like the rose garden, Shanti Kunj is a popular with Chandigarh residents for strolling and socializing and like all of Chandigarh's lovely public parks it is open free of charge.


  1. This is a beautiful garden. I'm glad of this chance to 'travel along' with your ;-)

  2. The garden seems to be well kept. Shanti means peace in Sanskrit, and the park looks peaceful.


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