Thursday, September 23, 2010

Interesting Event: Rare Vegetable Auction at Sotheby's in New York City

I just came across this short news item on the website of the German newspaper Die Zeit:

Sotheby´s versteigert Gemüseschätze

Thanks to the link in that article, I also found another article In English about the same event from The Wall Street Journal:

Sotheby's Puts Veggies on the Block

Apparently, vegetables belonging to rare heirloom varieties are being auctioned off as a benefit for The New Farmer Development Project (NFDP), an initiative that helps immigrants with a farming background to work as farmers in the New York area. You can also find more information about that program at their website. I for one think it is a very interesting concept, all the more so if it helps preserve yummy old varieties that might otherwise disappear due to market pressures that have to do with everything but flavor.

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  1. I read the articles and learned a new word: locavorism. I wonder if immigrants really do have more knowledge of old varieties and methods. There is a certain revival in Germany of heirloom varieties - for example in the Swabian Highlands "Alb-Leisa" lentils are being grown again after they had pretty much become extinct, and are being successfully marketed as a gourmet product. I bought some and they are delicious.


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