Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Flowers

Autumn is upon us and the leaves are falling fast but today was a lovely warm day and on my way back from mailing some transcripts and other graduate school application materials I could not help but stop and take a few pictures of some of the plants still in bloom.

 Fall foliage and a lush bed of New England asters (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae)

Close up of the aster flowers

A tall monkshood (Aconitum sp.); in real life the flowers were more purplish

I also once again passed by the bed of Chrysanthemum 'Sheffield' which I posted about last fall. It is just beginning to flower but is already beautiful. Nearby I came across two oddities: a species of Rhododendron with small pink flowers that either differs drastically from other hardy Rhododendrons in its flowering time or is very confused about the season and a number of blue bearded iris (Iris germanica), which are either similarly confused or a representatives of a repeat-blooming variety - Is there such a thing?

Chrysanthemum 'Sheffield'

Rhododendron sp. - Naturally fall-flowering or just confused?

Bright blue bearded iris (Iris germanica) - Also a bit odd at this time of year

I hope you enjoyed these...Now back to my application essays...


  1. Lovely flowers for Fall. I liked the Iris best. Only the plant grows here, but never flowers.

  2. Very nice fall flowers! I'm sure you enjoyed your walk a lot

  3. That's a lot of flowers for so late in the year in New England. I hope those late stray blossoms aren't due to global warming.

  4. There are re-blooming Iris starting to show up. They're not very common yet but you'll see them from time to time.

  5. Those asters are really beautiful.


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