Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy First Advent Sunday!

Today is the first of four Sundays leading up to Christmas which in Germany are celebrated as part of  Advent. Traditionally, each family decorates a wreath of fir or spruce branches with ornaments much like those hung on the Christmas tree as well as four thick candles. This wreath is known as the Adventskranz or "Advent wreath", and on the first Advent Sunday one of the candles is lit, on the second two, and so on, until all four are burning by the time Christmas arrives.

My family's Adventskranz

I think this tradition helps to make the joyful anticipation for Christmas even greater. If you want to see the Adventskranz my mom created last year, you can see that post here. Happy holidays everyone!


  1. Im sure Advent is a joyful traditional event to you and family anticipating the climax on Christmas day! I wonder whether its celebrated by other Christians in other parts of the world since Ive seen beautifully created wreaths as one of the decorations on Christmas. Your Advent wreath is lovely!

  2. Phillip - Thanks!

    p3chandan - I am not sure if Advent is celebrated in other countries beside Germany, though I assume there are similar traditions in some places. Here in the US it is not really a common observance but many people do use wreaths to decorate their doors or windows during the holiday season.


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