Friday, December 3, 2010

Gardening Book Recommendations from The New York Times

Today, the book review section of The New York Times included a lengthy article of gardening book recommendations with short reviews by one Dominique Browning. The article is well written and entertaining, and some of the books sound very interesting indeed - I am particularly looking forward to reading the essay collection by Anna Pavord at some point:

Gardening Books

I have also been think that at some point in the coming weeks I might do a post with book suggestions of my own, or about books I am really looking forward to reading. For now, however, term papers have to take precedence over lengthy pieces...


  1. Term papers...blech! I still have nightmares about college finals after all these years. Not sure what it means, but it makes for a poor nights' sleep;) Best of luck on your essays.

    Christine in Alaska, no term papers

  2. Thanks! I will get through them, just finding a good point to start on and an interesting argument is always the hardest part for me.


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