Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Plants!

While most of my plants mad it through my winter break absence with little more damage than the loss of a few leaves, there were a handful of things that just could not be saved. Sad as it was, their demise did leave window sill space for potential new acquisitions and so I could not resist when I came across some beautiful - and cheap - new African violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) at the local florist's shop. I bought plants of two different varieties; one has single  white flowers with frilly edges marked in a deep shade of purple, while the other has bright pink double flowers and foliage speckled with pale pink spots.

The white-and-purple variety

The pink variety - Notice the intense pink speckling on the younger leaves

The one African violet I had bought in the fall - with single flowers in a shade somewhere between wine red and purple - is doing well, too, and actually greeted me with a whole bunch of new flowers when I got back to campus.


  1. African violets are such lovely houseplants!

  2. Belas violetas.
    A sua propagação faz-se atravéz da plantação de folhas novas É assim que procedo.

    I don't speak english but i hunderstend.
    Thank for iour mensage

  3. Your African Violets brought back so many memories. My first gardening "experience" was as a grade school kid way back in the fifties. I started growing the African violets, had so many I started selling them in the town stores. People waited each week for me to bring them in and within a few minutes all the plants for that week were sold. I did that for two years.
    I would root each one with leaf cuttings, crossed a couple by fusing the stems, didn't really know what I was doing,but enjoyed the creative and growing process. That started it all. Jack

  4. I have a formative childhood memory of African violets. They used to be the quintessential houseplant (I think that's changed a little?), and every year my father gave my mother one for Christmas, until one year she exploded and asked if he couldn't for once come up with something else. Since then I haven't really cared for them. But maybe I should give them another chance.


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