Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fun Article from The New York Times

As someone who has been planting seeds and tuber from the pantry for much of his life, I really appreciate this new article from The New York Times:

Seeds Straight from the Fridge

At the moment I am nursing two date palm seedlings on my windowsill which were grown from the pits of dates bought at Trader Joe's last fall but past successes include avocado, different kinds of citrus fruit, lychee, various beans, wheat, rice, opium poppies, mustard, ginger, tumeric, taro, and pineapple. Does anyone else like to grow things from groceries? If yes, what has worked for you and what has not? Do you have any tricks for particular seeds, roots, or other plant parts?


  1. Thanks for dropping by Bay Area Tendrils!
    It's been quite a while since I grew avocado plants from my ' groceries' but I'd love to have my own tumeric harvest!
    aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz


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