Monday, February 7, 2011

Snap Shot: Restaurant Window in Cambridge, Massachusetts

I recently tried out the new Life Alive restaurant in the Central Square area of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Organic and vegetarian, this informal eatery is actually the second location of the original Life Alive in the nearby town of Lowell. Full of potted plants and fresh food items, the place smelled a bit like a flower shop - a personal highlight for me, though I would imagine many people would rather not eat in quite so earthy an environment.The food was definitely not what I am used to but nonetheless quite yummy. If you want to know more about either restaurant, their website can be found here. The main reason for this post, however, is that this morning I walked past the place again and I was struck by their lush little window garden and the garden quote just below the window.

In case it is hard to read, the two lines below the window say "The only limits to your garden are the boundaries of your imagination" - in my opinion a great statement that expresses just how creative an activity gardening really is.


  1. The quote on the window is so true. I think that is why I have been drawn to gardening and landscaping for all of my life since childhood. The creativity called for in working with ever changing plants and scenery is a challenge. I like that. It is like a painting, yet the painting never fully dries. It is always demanding a little "editing" here and there. Never finished, always in a state of more and better. Jack

  2. Organic and vegetarian... just my cup of tea...

    Anyway, you may or may not be pleased, but forgive me for taking the liberty to nominate your blog for an 'award'... please free to reject if it is too troublesome to accept...

  3. Jack - I totally agree...and I find it really annoying when people just want some sort of immediate, unchanging "landscaping solution".

    Lrong - Thank you very much... :)

  4. On my latest posting I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. Don't feel obligated ... just wanted to give you the award.:)

  5. If I lived near that restaurant I think I'd become a regular. Your valentine's roses are beautiful.

  6. Thank you for sharing. Everything sounds delicious! I will have to check it. Next time you are in the area you should check out Justine’s Table. It is the best restaurant in Natick, MA.


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