Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Pictures

I am happy to be able to report that most of the plants on my dormitory suite windowsills are doing quite well right now, and I thought I should perhaps post some pictures. Apart from regular houseplants, I also have some seedlings coming along, quite a few of them from seeds I collected during our family vacation in Florida.

My only two seedlings of Italian Bush Basil that have made it this far...I have high hopes for them... :)

New buds unfolding on my variegated double African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha)

The first African violet I bought last fall right after returning to campus, now twice as big and producing its third flush of flowers

Some of the seedlings that have sprouted forth from seeds collected in Florida; I think these might turn out to be butterfly peas (Clitoria ternata)

A live oak seedling (Quercus virginiana)

These two little seedlings have sprouted from seeds brought back from Florida as well but I have no idea what they could be; I really hope they grow up well so I can find out

Hopefully in the coming days I will also get some good pictures of all the plant life that is stirring outside.


  1. These plants will be great companions for your campus life. Soon, the butterflies will come and maybe the birds will give you a pleasant wake-up call in the mornings. Happy Spring!

  2. Your pictures remind me I haven't picked up an African violet like I've been meaning to for years. This really must be the year I do. I'm looking forward to visiting Florida myself later this year. This will sound awful, but I am excited to go see Harry Potter land, or whatever they're calling it.

    Christine in Alaska, about as far away from Hogwarts as one can get

  3. Love that variegated double African Violet! Haven't seen one before :)

  4. Autumn Belle - I really hope so, because this morning it actually started snowing again!

    Christine B. - It does not sound awful at all; neither my family nor I are big on theme parks but if I ever do make it to Orlando, their Harry Potter-themed attractions are definitely what I would want to see.

    Mark and Gaz - Neither had I until I found this one randomly among a batch of fairly normal ones at one of the local flower shops.

  5. Oh, such lovely African Violets! I've had difficulty in growing them, but love them. :-)

    Happy gardening!


  6. nice! do show us how they progress in the months to come. do the basil leaves smell of basil ? :)

  7. The seedling certainly looks like the plant of the butterfly pea. Good luck with all the plants!


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