Monday, April 11, 2011

Just Some Pictures

Today was a glorious spring day, and while I was busy running from class to class most of the day, I did manage to take a few pictures.

Forsythia (Forsythia sp.) and Siberian squill (Scilla siberica) - I really like the color contrast, which unfortunately did not come out quite as strong in the picture

A star magnolia (Magnolia stellata)

A close-up of a few flowers of the magnolia

Periwinkle (Vinca minor)

Winter hazel (Corylopsis spicata)

More spring color coming soon... :)


  1. all the blossoms....I miss the cool spring of the eastern states.

  2. Spring flowers are always a delight to, especially from spring flowering trees, they make glorious displays :)

  3. Very pretty. Springtime is so lovely :)

  4. Blooming trees in the spring a re magnificent, especially the star magnolia.We seem to have bypassed spring this year and are fully in summer so it's a pleasure to see a real spring.

  5. I loved the periwinkle; rare color.


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