Thursday, May 5, 2011

German Article on Urban Farming in Detroit

I just came across an article on the website of the German newspaper Die Zeit that discusses that discusses urban farming and community gardening efforts in Detroit and the potential to improve life in the city that they have:

Gärten in Detroit: Hier wächst die Hoffnung

Apart from the fact that the growth of the urban agriculture movement in Detroit in recent years is truly impressive, it was nice to see an article -  and a European one, no less - that dares to have some hope for the city. 

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  1. It’s another wonderful rainy Spring day, so I’m taking time to look over the Blogs I follow. Wanted to see what you have been up to. The urban gardening thing even in this small town has taken a good hold. Seems everyone wants just a little more land so they can grow all the things they want to try but their yards are just not big enough! It is great to see how the urban gardening in cities like Detroit, Chicago, etc. are helping people with better local food for themselves, but helping people to appreciate sources of food and the wonders of gardening and love of Earth. I'll be checking in again soon with your posts. Always enjoy. Jack


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