Monday, June 27, 2011

Another New Bed

Last week I converted a section of the backyard that had previously been covered with decorative pebbles into another flower bed and connected it to the existing border running along the edge of the terrace, so that the latter is now completely surrounded by flower borders. The pebbles were nice in theory, but it was almost impossible to keep them clean. Apart from the many weeds that would constantly germinate among them, even a few stray seedlings of perennials I like had started to come up and I was loathe to tear them up. So I removed the pebbles and moved them to a corner at the edge of the backyard where they are out of the way until they might be needed for some other project. I also had to tear up the sheets of plastic foil that had been under some parts of the pebbled area in order to keep soil and roots out of the pebbles but which had long begun to fail in carrying out this original function as well as a narrow strip of weedy lawn that had separated the pebble bed from the flower beds I had laid out earlier. The volunteer perennial seedlings could stay, as could a large trimmed yew and a small purple-flowered azalea that had been growing smack in the middle of the pebbles. I then planted a small apricot tree (Prunus armeniaca 'Tilton') which I hope will grow up to not only bear yummy apricots but also to complement the peach tree (Prunus persica) my parents planted on the other side of the terrace shortly after moving into this house, making the terrace bit more secluded in the process. In addition, I planted some perennials, including two hardy ornamental sages that had previously graced two large pots in front of the main entrance and were just past blooming, some Mazus reptans and Liriope muscari, and three 'Firewitch' pinks (Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Feuerhexe'). Lots more plants will be able to go in this bed in the future but, after being mulched, it at least looks decent for now.

The partially planted section of the new bed; all those stakes in the background have wires stretched between them and serve to protect a few plants that the deer are particularly fond of, such as the peach tree and some lilies

Apart from this new border, I also created a small new bed in the middle of our front lawn as a sort of center piece, and I will soon post a picture of that one as well. I hope to lay out even more beds further towards the back of the garden to create a woodland garden but those will probably have to wait at least until next year. We are not sure yet if we will have some of the large trees in that part of the garden cut down since there are some that have grown sort of awkwardly and are mainly taking away space, light, and water from nicer specimens as well as the flower beds closer to the terrace. If they do end up being cut - and I kind of hope we, or rather my parents, will get around to that step - it would not make sense to create beds and fill them with costly woodland rarities only for them to be trampled during the removal of the trees. Besides, the removal of the trees in question should also improve the growing conditions in that part of the property.

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