Friday, June 3, 2011

Gardens and Integration

For those who read German, here is an interesting article from German newspaper Die Zeit about traditional German community gardens or "Schrebergärten," a system in which people join an association which administers a set of garden plots and then lease one of those plots for an extended period of time; the plots are usually fenced and often include a small garden house, and members plant not just vegetables and annual flowers but also perennials, trees, and shrubs. It takes a look at the growing number of immigrants who participate in the system and the potential this trend has to further integration and exchange:

Integration: Steht ein Kasache im Schrebergarten

I guess it is not terribly surprising but it is always nice to see how gardening can connect people...

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  1. I can confirm everything in that article. In my own garden colony there are also more and more non-Germans (including myself), mostly from Russia, Turkey and Irak. That also reflects who in Germany is having children, since families seem to sign up the most for plots and also get priority. And in these days of EHEC and other food scandals we're all glad to harvest our own lettuce and tomatoes.


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