Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Other New Bed

As promised, here is a picture of the other new bed I laid out last week:

The new front yard bed as seen from the street

My mom thought that our large front lawn was a bit boring and asked me to come up with some sort of planting to beautify it. She wanted a Japanese maple, and we went from that idea to find  other plants to go along with it. I ended up planting the lace-leaf Japanese maple Acer palmatum dissectum atropurpureum 'Tamukeyama' flanked by two 'Little Lime' hydrangeas (Hydrangea paniculata 'Jane') and a Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard'. Eventually some sort of decorative light fixture will probably go in front of this arrangement, nestled in the slight curve of the planting.


  1. Howdy and Guten Tag from TX ;)
    I came across your blog through a link on the blogroll of another blog I visit sometimes and the title of your blog made me getting curious. So I just had to check it out.
    I like the shape and how you designed the new flowerbed in front of your home. I also like your idea of adding some light fixture at a later time to accents the plants with some light in the dark. I have a lot of smaller spot light all along my flower beds. The lights make the plants look so different when it's dark.

    How do you like it here in the US? I read you are originally from Germany and assume your parents moved over here to live in the US.
    My husband is originally from Germany too.
    Until 1996 he used to live in Kassel. I always loved visiting Germany.
    Best Regards
    Paula Jo

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog... :)

    What a coincidence - My family is originally from Kassel as well and most of my relatives still live there. I was born in southern Germany, though, and lived in the Stuttgart area and in a small town in the Black Forest before moving to the US. We originally came here temporarily because of my dad's job but grew to feel at home here so much that we have stayed. We still go back to Germany to visit quite often and my parents think that they might divide their time between Germany and the US once the retire but for now this is home.

  3. I like the new arrangement, they will go very well together.

    Is funny to see you planted the hydrangea, I keep seeing them here all around because they are in season. They look amazing, I must have one too

  4. Hello,
    sorry I haven't replied to your response on my comment earlier. has been pretty hectic around here and I hardly haven't had time to visit any blogs at all.

    It sounds like the world is really a village.
    Isn't it amazing my hubby and your parents are from the same region in Germany?
    I also love to visit Germany but unfortunately we could not manage it for the past 4 years to travel overseas. My husband's son is still living in Kassel and he came here to TX a few times for visit.

    Anyway, have bookmarked your blog and hope you will keep posting about your gardening and garden design projects.
    Mach's Gut ;) and Happy Gardening
    Paula Jo


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