Saturday, July 23, 2011

Plant Identification Please!

A few days ago I noticed a large shrub in a front yard a few blocks away from my parents' house which I found very interesting but could not even begin identify. It is a largish shrub, with shiny dark green foliage and masses of creamy white puff-ball flowerheads that emit a faint fragrance. Since I know this does not make for a particularly specific description, here are some pictures:

 Close-up of the flowers

Side view

The whole specimen

Also, since this plant is firmly planted in place and definitely does not get moved to shelter in winter it must be hardy to at least Zone 6. Can someone please tell me what plant species this is? I think it unusual and quite pretty and I also like the fragrance, so I would love to plant some in our own yard.


  1. Looks to me like Cephalanthus occidentalis -- button bush.

  2. I think it is Buttonbush. Check the link below and compare. I found it growing in the woods behind my mother's house last year. I've never seen a large and full plant like yours.

  3. What a pretty shrub! I'm glad you asked - I had no idea, but now I'll be looking up button bush myself!


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