Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I sowed some miniature zinnias in one of the new beds at the beginning of June and they just started flowering a little over a week ago.

In the past I have usually preferred zinnia varieties with large, fully double flowers in bright, saturated shades like deep red or bright pink but I have to say I am now also quite taken with these dainty little ones and their pastel shades.


  1. i have never met a zinnia i didn't like! they are all so vigorous and cheerful. this year i planted seeds that were supposed to produce miniatures, but my plants are three feet tall instead of six to twelve inches like that package said. caterpillars, bees, butterflies, hummingbirds -- everything loves them, so i don't really mind that they outgrew their spot a bit. they make wonderful cut flowers, too, so i've pruned them some and taken them inside to enjoy there. your pastels are lovely.

  2. Thanks Daricia! I am really glad that we do not have much of an issue with mildew on zinnias here because they really are great.

  3. sweet! you really are having fun with your parents garden!


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