Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crape Myrtle Season

My crape myrtles (Lagerstroemia indica) have begun blooming over the last couple of days and one of the newer dwarf ones which I planted the summer before last when my parents moved into this house had a little surprise for me last morning. Its regular flower color is a deep pink - and that was the color of most of the first couple of blossoms that had already opened - but one little branch near the base of the plant had produced a light purple flower!

Flowers of the "regular" kind

The "odd" purple flower

Maybe there had actually been a second plant in the pot? Could the plant have been grafted and the purple-flowered branch a sucker from the rootstock? Or is it a random mutation? In any case, I think both colors are lovely and I hope that the purple-flowered part of the bush develops as well as the rest of it has.


  1. Finally a quiet evening, I can now check out a few Blogs. Thought I would see what you are up to. Your questions on possible mutation or other reasons was my same question as I looked at the many different new plants that I got from the same parent seeds that I hybridized four years ago and are finally blooming this week. I was amazed at the variety that came this year. It is really the first year of blooming for most of the day lilies I have been working on over these years. The last two postings show some of the more than 400 I have been working at. I figure it is all recessive genes happening. With your schooling you would know more about that than me. I am just a learner at the beginning of gardening, but am already hooked on it! See you soon. Jack

  2. a pleasant surprise! this reminds me of the time when i was growing portulacas of different colours - i'm still not sure how it happened but i had a flower once that was orange on one side and pink on the other! it was so strange and fascinating.


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