Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seedling Swamp Rose Mallow

While I was not able to transplant the established swamp rose mallows (Hibiscus moscheutos) from my old garden to my family's new property when we moved two years ago, I did take along some seeds. I have planted a number of new, nursery-bought swamp rose mallows in the new garden since then (see this recent post) but I was still particularly delighted this morning when the first of the seedling descendants of my old Hibiscus moscheutos opened its very first blossom.

The flower turned out to be almost exactly like that of the parent plant. There is quite a bit of variation in the leaves between some of the other seedlings so I wonder if any of them will also eventually produce different-looking flowers.


  1. Gorgeous flower! So glad that it turned out well for you!

  2. To masz radość ogromną, że zakwitł, a wyhodowałeś go z nasion. Pozdrawiam


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