Monday, September 5, 2011

Cool Clematis

Walking down my street the other day, I noticed that the hitherto unassuming climber covering part of the neighboring house's porch had burst into glorious bloom:

As far as I can tell it is a Clematis of some sort and I have also seen it in some other gardens around here. Would someone happen to know which species this is?


  1. Sweet autumn clematis! Running the crazy right now or I'd google the species on me phone. Bought some of this for my beau's landlord's fence. Has nice silver variegation around the major vein!

  2. That's a superb looking Clematis, fantastic display of blooms!

  3. Kenneth - Thanks for the tip!

    Mark and Gaz - Thanks for stopping by!

  4. superb! is clematis poisonous?

  5. Arati - Apparently it contains compounds that can be irritating to the skin but it would only be truly poisonous if it were ingested in large quantities.


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