Saturday, September 24, 2011

Urban Wilderness - Part 1

For most people, plants growing through cracks in the sidewalk or from niches in walls are probably signs of neglect or decay but living in a relatively urban environment with lots of brick and concrete and without a proper garden of my own I am finding increasing aesthetic appeal in such little bursts of vegetation. I will therefore try to start documenting some of the examples that catch my eye, beginning today with a colony of unidentified rosette-shaped plants that grow between the pavement and a plain brick walk on the corner of my street.

The whole colony

A close-up

On the whole, I think that there is just something really cool about plants that can tough it out in difficult or unexpected places...


  1. Me too! There is something heart-warming about them.

  2. Też lubię i dziwię się czasami, że gdzieś tam znalazły troszkę ziemi. Pozdrawiam


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