Friday, October 28, 2011

Houseplant Update: Another Coleus

Here is another coleus cutting (Solenostemon scutellarioides) that I recently potted up and which so far has been growing quite well:

Interestingly enough, instead of opposing pairs of leaves, this variety has whirls of three leaves each, which gives it a fuller, sturdier overall appearance.


  1. Lubię je, bo każdy listek jest inny kolorystycznie. Pozdrawiam

  2. You have the touch. I had one in water and it did nothing.

  3. That is very interesting. Triploid?

  4. Very pretty! Thanks for giving me the name of the ground orchid!

  5. Giga - Me too, and I have also noticed them develop different colors and patterns when placed in different locations.

    Lancashire rose - That is odd indeed. I keep mine in a somewhat shady spot and occasionally refill the water but other than that I do not do anything to them until roots have formed.

    Andrew - I think it might be. With so many new and ever stranger-looking Solenostemon cultivars being bred and brought to market in recent years it would not be surprising.

    lotusleaf - You are welcome... :)

    Arati - Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed all the beautiful shots you posted over the past days.

  6. thank you for visiting and for your comments! i hope you (and your plants) are doing well despite the recent snow storms we've been hearing about in the news. no blackouts in your part of the country i hope

  7. Arati - Luckily we did not lose power and most of my outdoor plants - with the exception of a few hardy sedums and sempervivums that I keep on the apartment windowsill - are safe in my family's garden in Michigan, where so far the weather has behaved in accordance with the season.


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