Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Coleus

In a post I wrote a few days ago about my new coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides) I mentioned that a surviving specimen from my first sowing of coleus over two years ago still grows on a windowsill in my room back home in Michigan. My mom, being the awesome blog-reading and ever-supportive mother that she is, promptly emailed me a current picture of the plant in question:

The little plant with leaves patterned in pink, cream, and green at the bottom must be a chance seedling from a no longer existant neighboring plant. I really love those colors so hopefully it will grow up strong and maybe my new sowing here will yield some more plants within that color range.


  1. I love coleus. I wish they didn't get so lanky as house plants, but I guess you can always cut them back.

  2. They do get lanky but usually come back nicely even if trimmed back sharply. Unlike most people I actually let mine go to flower because I kind of like the delicate electric blue flowers and then cut the shoots back when the flowers are spent.

  3. They are cool plants. I remember when I was a young gardener, forty odd years ago, they had a sort of negative cachet. The big flowers were more important then: roses, peonies, iris... There was really only that one standard green/pink/beige selection and you saw it more one kitchen windowsills growing in water than in either a pot or the garden. With all the outrageously colorful cultivars available, it's interesting that you are intrigued by a softer subtler plant. I like it too.


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