Monday, October 17, 2011

Urban Wilderness - Part 3

Here is another instance of visually pleasing wild growth from my daily route to campus, this one spotted in a parking lot at the side of the street.

A climber, this delicate blue-flowered plant is weaving its way through the shrubs at the edge of the parking lot

A close-up of the leaves and flowers

Apparently this is bird vetch (Vicia cracca), a plant originally native to Europe and Asia. It has become an invasive weed in some parts of the country, yet on the other hand it enriches soil by fixing nitrogen - like other leguminous plants - and apparently also makes a good forage crop and can be used to curb erosion.

Sources: Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast by Peter Del Tredici,


  1. Nice looking plant for these kinds of areas.

  2. I think I've seen those all over South Western Ontario as well. Didn't realize they weren't native. Usually along highways.


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