Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winter Travels - Part 6: Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore

It has been two months since I have returned from my winter break travels and I have yet to write posts about a number of gardens I had the good fortune of visiting during the trip. However, since I am at home on spring break this week I will hopefully be able to catch up. Next up - and I am just going in the order in which I visited these places - are the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Founded in 1859, in colonial times this garden played a pivotal role in the introduction of Brazilian rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) to Southeast Asia which led to the region becoming the global center of the rubber growing industry. Apart from their ongoing scientific mission, the gardens today also features much in the way of ornamental horticulture. Probably the most famous attraction contained within the site is the National Orchid Garden, which is big and beautiful enough to warrant its own separate post. However, aside from that particular theme garden there are many other spaces and plant collections worth exploring in this huge park. These include a rainforest area, Palm Valley, Heliconia, ginger, bamboo, and succulent collections,  numerous water features and waterlily-covered ponds, and many other lovely plantings ranging from the common to the rare and extraordinary.

A pebble-paved walk among bamboos

One of many imaginative water features

Walk in the Heliconia collection

One of the many Heliconia cultivars in the gardens

Palms in the Palm Valley

Concert shell in the waterlily-filled Symphony Lake

A white waterlily (Nymphaea sp.)

Plantings on another water feature

Lush vegetation in the Ginger Garden

A banana cultivar (Musa sp.) with an unusually long and dense cluster of fruits

A look into the succulent collection

The bandstand

With the exception of the National Orchid Gardens, the Singapore Botanic Gardens are accessible free of charge. To read more about them, you can visit their official here.

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  1. Wowza!

    Love the symphony shell and the stalk of bananas! That's totally... nuts!

    The garden as a whole is amazing. Love, love, love!


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