Friday, April 27, 2012

Strange Fruit

Among the plants I bought when I visited the Lyman Estate Greenhouses in Waltham, Massachusetts, in early March (see post here) was a young Anthurium scandens. It has been flowering continuously ever since, producing a new inflorescence alongside each new leaf. They are not as showy as those of other Anthuriums grown specifically for their flowers, but I still think they are lovely in an understated sort of way. The very first inflorescence already on the plant when I got it has set fruit and over the past week or so the berries have been swelling rapidly, producing this rather strange-looking formation:

I am not sure when exactly the fruit are fully ripe so for now I will just leave them on the plant. Eventually, though, I want to try to germinate the seeds since I would love to have more of this quirky and thus far problem-free plant.


  1. I've never seen anything like that - it is really spectacular!

  2. What a curious looking thing which is also attractive!

  3. very interesting.. looks like a spawn of fish eggs

  4. Really quirky and interesting. Wonder about the ID of the plant


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