Sunday, October 14, 2012

Flowers and Fragrance

I did something I do not usually do today and bought some cut flowers. While doing my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's this afternoon I was seduced by some particularly nice bunches of spray roses and decided to treat myself. Then I noticed the big bunches of Eucalyptus gunnii branches which they were also selling and decided to get some of those as well.  Some weeks ago I had stayed with a friend and her sister in their apartment in New York City and they had similar branches - presumably also bought at Trader Joe's - scattered throughout the apartment, gently perfuming the air. So when I saw the branches at the store I thought I might emulate that effect.

The roses...

... and the eucalyptus

I am glad to report that it has been a success so far. Throughout my entire apartment there is now a mild eucalyptus fragrance and the branches also look lovely in their vase. Of course, the roses are a bit flashier in their luxuriant decadence...


  1. Nice bunch of flowers, and those juvenile Eucalyptus leaves are prized by florists all over the world, so ornamental!

  2. Simple but just as lovely arrangement. The fragrance of Eucalyptus leaves are mildly stimulating to the air passages.


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