Saturday, October 20, 2012

Summer Travels 2012 - Part 4: Revisiting the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore

Though Singapore's new Gardens by the Bay were quite awe-inspiring, I was also very happy to revisit the Singapore Botanic Gardens which I had earlier toured - and blogged about - on my previous visit to the country. Somehow I enjoyed it even more on this second visit, perhaps because I was less focused on the big attractions and paying more attention to the lovely details in between.

One of many lush water features

Monitor lizards!

Plumerias galore! Light pink...

... deep pink...

... and two-tones.

More lush greenery

Architecture that quite literally merges into the garden

Now that fall is in full force here in New England and green is rapidly being supplanted by earthier tones all around me I am only craving this vegetal luxuriance all the more...

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  1. Thanks for whetting our appetite again! Looking forward to our visit next year :)


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