Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Summer Travels 2012 - Part 6: Revisiting Lodi Gardens, New Delhi, India

From Singapore I traveled on to Delhi, where I spent a few days revisiting many of my favorite spots as well as exploring parts of the city I had not hitherto seen. On my way to Khan Market for lunch and some book shopping, I took a stroll through Lodi Gardens and snapped a few pictures.

The approach to the greenhouse

A shady walk

A double cultivar of Arabian jasmine (Jasminum sambac)

The Tomb of Sikandar Lodi

Some summer flower beds

As far as flowers and foliage are concerned, the park is probably considerably nicer in winter and early spring, when temperatures are pleasant and the plantings have not yet suffered through the extreme heat and drought of early summer. Even so, it made for a nice spot of greenery even at the time of my visits just at the beginning of the monsoon season that follows the hottest and driest part of the year.


  1. The tomb is wonderful. I would love to someday visit India.

  2. You've been to so many wonderful and exciting places last summer, thank you for sharing them and we enjoy reading them!

  3. I went to delhi recently and had lodhi gardens on my list of places to visit , thanks for the most part due to your post!
    it was lovely, I will post pictures soon

    1. Yay! I am glad you liked it and looking forward to the pictures.

    2. Hello there!
      I was looking up English name for Indian flower "Mogra" and thus came across this blog. I grew up around Lodhi gardens, every summer morning whenever the flies won't let us sleep anymore outside (back then not too many people had AC and sleeping in the open was preferred as opposed to inside, since it got too hot inside from the days long heat) we went for our 2-3 hour long walk/play in that gardens. It was much greener back then and the rose gardens was breath taking in winter. I must also mention the high water fountain and the pond (was very clean back then.) The entrance from the main gate was a walk way lined up with tall false-Ashoka ( trees and to the left of them were juicy mango trees. I last visited Lodhi gardens in 2006-07 and was distraught to see my childhood romping grounds in sorry state. The fountain doesn't operate anymore, even though it was month of January, roses were no where to be seen, Mango trees were gone (I think the shady walk way you show is from close by where mangoes used to be,) the four sided wall in the back of the gardens close to the water fountain - which we fondly called 'wall of China', where I had gone up and taken a million rounds of it, growing up - I was told by a gardner/guard that no one was allowed to go up there anymore (needless to say my kids felt very sorry for me and my sentiments.) I did not have any heart to go to the west (looking from the main gate entrance) end sheesh mahal (glass house.) As kids growing up, we friends used to dare each other to run in/out the tombs, these tombs (about4-5 of them) used to be infested with bats that once disturbed would start flying all in and around the tomb...Ah! those fun filled days! This is the same gardens where I had proposed to my now wife, in 1996, it was still flourishing back then - wonder what happened!

    3. Thank you for that beautiful but bittersweet trip down memory lane, especially since Lodi Gardens hold such special personal significance for you! I wish I had seen the gardens in those better days. I do think they have been improving maintenance somewhat in the last couple of years, since on more recent visits - including this one in 2012 - things looked a bit better than the first time I was there in 2009 but of course one never knows if those efforts will be sustained.

      PS: Mogra मोग्रा is indeed the Arabian jasmine (Jasminum sambac), particularly the double variety that is known as 'Grand Duke of Tuscany' in many Western countries.


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