Sunday, March 10, 2013

More Floral Cheer

I bought some new flowers today to replace the roses and daffodils from last week. After some deliberation, I came away with a bunch of pink Inca lilies (Alstroemeria cv.) and some white chrysanthemums. Nothing special, but definitely the most bang for the buck.

In the living room...

... and in the hall

A handful of the roses had not fully faded yet and I could not get myself to throw them out, so I placed them in a porcelain bowl and put them on the table where they can be pretty for a while longer.

Flowers for my table

Also, since the roses really very exceptionally lovely and because I like experiment - and because I still had some rooting hormone - I made cuttings of the rose stems that seemed healthiest and will give rooting them a try.


  1. Aww..what lovely combo of pastel colors you have chosen. It gives a romantic ambiance to your home. Those roses are gorgeous! Good luck on your experiment.
    And your garden is lovely :)

  2. They're all very nice and lovely to see!


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