Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Needs

I went to Trader Joe's this morning to do my weekly grocery shopping and upon entering the store found myself unable to walk past the plant and cut flower section and on to the produce. Many others seemed to feel the same and I wonder if the fact that the weather finally appears to be warming up a bit - this is the third day in a row with temperatures solidly above freezing and no pouring, icy rain! - has people craving signs of spring even more than usual. I for my part was really tempted by some forced peach branches with plump buds just beginning to reveal their pale pink petals as well as a fragrant bouquet of ruffly purple stocks, but I eventually opted for a more cost-effective mix of pale pink and apricot roses and a small bunch of daffodils.

I love the color combination!

 The daffodils brightening up the entrance hallway

The tag that came attached to the daffodils

I was also a bit surprised to find that the daffodils came with a tag telling me that they were flown in from England. While perhaps no other country looms so large in the world of gardening, I had never reckoned with the UK as an exporter of cut flowers; mostly cut flowers around here seem to come either from East Africa or from South America. All the more wonderful then that at $1.49 a bunch they were a total steal!


  1. Wow, all the way from England! Tasteful choices there :)

  2. Trader Joe's, great place to shop and often do! NIce cut flowers posted today. Jack


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