Sunday, March 10, 2013

Winter Travels - Part 5: Revisiting the Orchid Garden, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I first blogged about the Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden here a little over a year ago. Somehow I did not make it there even for a quick visit during my next stay in the city last summer, but I did go back on this most recent trip. A team of gardeners was in the process of replanting part of the central portion of the garden, dedicated mostly to large beds of hybrids of the Vanda alliance. It was interesting to watch them go about this. The new plants were rooted specimens in full bloom but they would actually trim off the lowest portion of the stems with most of the roots before sticking the plants in the prepared beds, tying them to a support, and mulching thickly with shredded wood. I cringed at the heavy root trimming but the flourishing beds throughout the garden suggest that the gardeners know what they are doing. Also, I guess that while to me tropical orchids, and particularly those of the Vanda group, are delicate treasures that are difficult to maintain and coax into bloom as well as pricey, in Malaysia they are not only relatively cheap but also probably among the more easy-going and reliable garden flowers, judging by the beautiful specimens to be seen in gardens and on balconies everywhere.

Dendrobium phalaenopsis hybrids near the entrance

Orchids are not all the garden has to offer

A tiger-striped Phalaenopsis

I can never really get enough of plumerias

A freshly planted section

There is also a tiny orchid shop on the premises which sells beautiful plants and has almost a wider variety than what one sees planted out in the garden. The prices are extremely low to my mind - I always regret that I cannot buy anything to take home, but then again I feel like that about plants constantly pretty much wherever I travel - but I do not know how they would compare to other those of other sellers in the area.

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  1. Amazing looking place, and the second photo, wow!


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