Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Little Green Cactus and Other Spring Additions

The title of this post is an allusion to a well-known song by the German group Comedian Harmonists, active in the late 1920s and early 1930s and also the subject of a 1997 film of the same name, whose title is "Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus" or "My Little Green Cactus", the lyrics of which you can find here along with a side-by-side translation. Why the reference? Well, the song speaks of a little green cactus standing on the balcony, and I just bought myself a not-so-little spineless prickly pear (Opuntia x ellisiana) which now resides in a big clay pot on my fire escape.

My not-so-small green cactus, with some orange Violas for spring color

The spring awakening on the windowsill is also continuing apace, with a lone Siberian squill (Scilla siberica) emerging from in between some eastern prickly pears (Opuntia humifusa).

Siberian squill (Scilla siberica) amongst the succulents

I also added three new plants to the other, hitherto empty outside ledge, namely a Sedum spathulifolium 'Carnea' and two different ice plants, Delosperma 'Kelaidis' and Delosperma 'Fire Spinner'.

From left to right: Delosperma 'Fire Spinner', Sedum spathulifolium 'Carnea', and Delosperma 'Kelaidis'

I have to say, for the moment I am quite pleased with my little "garden".

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  1. I love your balcony garden. Your plants get to enjoy nice view from the top.


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