Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Plants on the Move

After taking my last exam of the semester this morning, I started packing up my collection of houseplants. I will traveling most of the summer, and my landlord might sublet the apartment for at least some of that time, so they will spent the next couple of months in the garden in Michigan.

Boxes of plants, all ready for their trip

I did give away a few plants that are very easily replaceable, and in cases where I had multiple specimens of a variety I tried not to keep more than one. However, giving a plant up never comes easy to me. Luckily I have an awesome, endlessly supportive mother who is willing to road trip it back to Michigan with me, our dog, and three boxes full of greenery...


  1. I hope you have wonderful adventures this summer! Your houseplants will enjoy their time outside!

  2. A summer of travelling sounds lovely! Very nice of your mum to take care of all your plants :)

  3. how nice! where are you off to this summer?

    1. I am going to be here in Michigan for a little bit tending to my garden here and then I am off to Germany to see some family and friends and later on Malaysia.


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