Friday, July 5, 2013

Blooms Back Home

I am still working on my first proper post about the gardens I have been visiting on my current trip so far. Just where does the time go? In the meantime, my mom texted me some pictures of the garden back home in Michigan, and things look pretty good:

One can really tell that there has been ample rain - I love to see things lush like this!


  1. Not wanting to leave the garden, I seldom travel in summer. You are lucky to have parents who not only care for your garden but also send you images of its progress! Happy travels!

    1. Well, between my studies and my significant other currently living at the other end of the world for work, I have no choice but to travel and travel when school breaks allow it. But hopefully not too far into the future we will not be doing long-distance and I will have my own bit of green where I actually live. Though even then I think I will keep tending to my parents' lot when I am back in Michigan for visits.

  2. Same as Peter, tend to stay here all summer (and the weather is the best it could ever be) and venture out on the other seasons. Enjoy your trips, looking forward to your pics!


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