Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

One of our prettiest natives, named for one of the Founding Fathers: the Franklin Tree (Franklinia alatamaha)


  1. Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy the day!

  2. Where was this picture taken? Surely not Michigan or New England (unless it's an old picture)! My Franklinia in Northern Virginia still has very tight buds.

    Fifteen ears ago I rented a house that had a Franklinia, the first I'd ever seen. I happily planted its seeds and gave the resulting trees away to friends and trading partners on GardenWeb. Then I read about how difficult they were to propagate by seed and I haven't been able to grow one since! Fortunately, I kept one tree which is now very large and beautiful and planted in the yard of a house I own.

    1. You are right - The picture was taken in Michigan, but late last August, not this year. I do not (yet) have a Franklinia in our own yard; this one was at a nearby nursery.


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