Monday, September 9, 2013

Plants Back In Their Places

Along with myself, a lot of my houseplants are back here at university. Yesterday I did a lot of repotting and arranging. I am glad to say many of them have grown considerably.

The living room window

My special pride and joy continues to be my Anthurium scandens, which grows and flowers without a break. I transplanted it into a a much larger pot in early summer, and thick roots have already filled it out and are starting to spill over the edge of the container. The two branches that started growing from the main stem about a year ago are now as big as the whole plant was when I bought it.


  1. Everyone seems ready for another year of academic rigor!

  2. You certainly have a green thumb with houseplants. Mine live through sheer willpower and despite my best efforts at over or underwatering. I have realized succulents are a sure thing for me. Kind of pathetic really...a grown woman can't seem to keep one thing in a pot alive.

    Christine in Alaska, brown houseplants

    1. Not sure if it is really a green thumb or just relentless trial and error. I still often kill a new plant on the first try or two.


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