Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bigger and Better Things

I finally moved this weekend, a step long in the making. The move itself was grueling, with my parents and me up and working almost non-stop from early morning to late a night in a four-day marathon of lugging suit cases and heavy furniture, cleaning, painting, trips to Home Depot and IKEA, and assembling oh so many shelves, beds, and tables. However, the new place is glorious - spacious and bright, and fully ours! There is a southwest-facing sun room of sorts, a large balcony, and even a little plot which I might be able to claim in the building's communal garden. So there is room for a lot more plants and a lot more books - room, that is, to grow.

One corner of the sunroom-like glassed-in porch

Lots of space for the collection

The hardy succulents from my outside window sill in their new home on the balcony

Now if only Verizon could get our phone line and Internet connection to work as they should...


  1. It's really great 'home' for ornamental plants collection.

  2. Wow, look at all that glass and natural light coming in! Good luck on your move, looks like you're settling in nicely already :)

  3. how nice to have a sun room! good luck!


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