Friday, January 17, 2014

A Little Excursion and Some More New Plants

The day before yesterday was a lovely day of bright sunshine and unseasonally mild temperatures, and my mom and I took the dog and headed out to the suburbs, to walk amidst a bit more nature and to have a gander around super-quaint Concord, one of my mom's favorite places in the area. On the way we stopped at the Lyman Estate Greenhouses in Waltham, which I have previously blogged about here. Filled with lots of flowers and balmy warmth, they were a welcome slice of spring.

Cymbidiums and other orchids in one of the cooler sections

A beautiful delicate little bulbous plant - anyone happen to know what this is?

Bougainvilleas overhead

An assortment of little treasures; I am generally not a fan of those new black petunias, but there was something awesome about seeing such a well-grown specimen in the middle of winter

 A Canary Island Bellflower (Canarina canariensis), which I had never seen in real life before

The warm orchid house with its huge collection

 A camellia doing its gorgeous thing in the camellia house

They also sell plants at the Lyman Estate Greenhouses, and of course I could not walk away empty-handed. I bought a small sweet osmanthus (Osmanthus fragrans), a sizeable dutchman's pipe or queen of the night epiphyllum (Epiphyllum oxypetalum), queen's tears (Billbergia nutans), and two little camellia cuttings, one of 'Victory White' and one of 'RL Wheeler'.

Sweet osmanthus or tea olive (Osmanthus fragrans)

Queen's tears (Billbergia nutans); note the lovely deep-blue stripe around the edge of the petals

All of these are things I have been meaning to get a hold of for a while, and the prices were very reasonable. Needless to say I am very happy with my haul.

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  1. Very nice haul and pleased you finally got hold of them :)


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