Friday, January 24, 2014

More Seeds

Another seed order arrived, this one from Fedco. It included yet another rice variety - I just cannot resist - originally from Russia, an Indian cucumber variety, two Slovakian opium poppy varieties bred for the quality and quantity of their seeds, yet another variety of mâche or corn salad, and sacred basil or tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum). In addition, there were some more quotidian things, such as old-fashioned stocks, calendula, and borage.


I already have some tulsi grown from Malaysian seed going on my windowsill, but the little plants seem to be extremely tender so I decided to give some other seed sources a try. As for the poppies, I appear to have a thing for them at the moment, because in addition to the little packets of 'Ziar' and 'Elka' among my Fedco order I came away from a recent trip to the hardware store with some seeds of 'Hungarian Blue' from Botanical Interests. Now all I am missing are the three or so marigold varieties I want for this year... though in the course of acquiring those seeds, another variety or two of rice or opium poppies may of course slip in...

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