Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bouquets and Such

One of my Persian teachers came for tea and waffles on Saturday, and brought me a beautiful spring bouquet left over from a function the day before. Made up primarily of hyacinths, it has been perfuming the whole dining room ever since.

Lovely colors, lovely smell

A recent trip to Trader Joe's to buy groceries also had me coming back with a bunch of long pussy willow branches, quite cheap at $2.99. After a few days in a big vase in the sun room, the silky, silvery catkins are beginning to dust over with golden yellow pollen.

Willow catkins - they actually have a faint fragrance

Finally, in a simple glass vase on the dining table, there is currently a single branch of my cane begonia which I cut off after it became top-heavy and began leaning into and smothering neighboring plants.

A branch of cane or angel wing begonia - it holds up very well in the vase

While not as glamorous as the hyacinths and tulips or even as elegant as the willows, I still think it is certain sculptural beauty, and there is something nice about making use of home-grown plant material.

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  1. The scent of the hyacinth must be amazing, and love the crispness of your interior!


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