Thursday, May 15, 2014

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day May 2014

I am back in Massachusetts and have been busy studying for two important exams which I am to take tomorrow and on Monday. During my breaks from studying I have largely been gardening rather than blogging about gardening, it being spring and all. I am afraid I do not have terribly much to show for it, since it has largely been a matter of potting things up and setting out as-yet inconspicuous seedlings of vegetables and annuals. There are, however, a few pretty blooms on the balcony and in the partly communal garden downstairs, so here we go:

Pansies on the balcony - this variety has not shown itself to be particularly floriferous so far, put I love the colors and pattering of the flowers

Some white lilac - the same hedge also has two purple varieties, one single and one double

A particularly intense tulip in the frontyard

Now if something comes of my study-break labors, there should be much more to show in coming months:

The raised beds downstairs, freshly planted and seeded

Seedlings on the balcony still waiting to be potted up or to find a place in the garden

Now I am going to go study some more but I promise I will be back soon with more and more exciting garden-related matters!

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