Monday, May 19, 2014

On Plants that Have Gone Out of Style

From The New York Times comes this interesting article on garden plants and how they are subject to trends:

 You're Planting That Old Thing?

An interesting read and I very much agree with much of what it says. While I certainly buy things at the big box stores, the very limited assortment of plants they usually offer and that consequently shows up in almost every yard - think Knock-Out roses and Bradford pears - is really rather pathetic and without much charm in comparison to all the wonderful plant material that is out there and of which most people are barely aware.


  1. That is a wonderful article. I can remember in my childhood many yards with Dicksonia antarticas and Azaleas, all quite out of fashion these days, and probably a good thing, as the need for water conservation here becomes more and more urgent. If you go to an older, stable neighborhood you can pick out what was in garden fashion 50 or 60 years ago from the survivor plants.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. I hope someday that we get beyond "popularity" in plants;, just like in embracing ideas, words or people.

    There are so many tough, attractive plants - like design - that should be part of the living document called classic, timeless, fashion. Not just fad via the mass media.

  3. You being just a youngling will likely see some going "out" and coming back "in" several times in your life. Keep on planting! :)


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