Monday, June 23, 2014


This morning the first flowers opened on my 'Hungarian Blue Breadseed' opium poppies. They are a beautiful plum purple, which is what they are supposed to be according to the seed packet and most of the pictures on the internet, but after getting only white flowers with pale pink basal blotches from another batch of seeds supposedly of the same variety a few years ago, I was half expecting those more muted flowers. All the better then that these actually turned out as advertised!

'Hungarian Blue Breadseed' poppy (Papaver somniferum cv.)

Now I am still waiting for the buds of 'Elka' and 'Ziar' to open. The plants of these varieties - about whose history you can read more here - are even bigger and more vigorous, so I am hoping for some big flowers and lots of seed!

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  1. Opium poppies are such gorgeous flowers and the seed heads are just as interesting in the garden. Glad that you were happily surprised by the purple color!


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