Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Roses Around Town

The roses are in bloom around here and they are oh so wonderful. Never having been around during the month of June in previous years I never really realized how many roses people grow around here and how well they do at this time of year. Here is just a sample:

I for my part recently received my first order of roses from Rose Petals Nursery, which consisted of one plant each of 'Slater's Crimson China' and 'Old Blush'. These are two China roses which are believed to have been the first of their kind to be introduced from China to Europe in the late 18th century and which became pivotal in the breeding of modern repeat-blooming classes of roses. Now I am only waiting on another order from a different nursery containing 'Gruss an Teplitz', a China-Bourbon hybrid produced in 1897 by Rudolf Geschwind in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. While it is nowadays rare in the West - even rarer than the already rare other Bourbons, Damasks, and various other antique roses that have been so aggressively displaced by hybrid teas, polyanthas, and most recently those soulless, plastic-y 'Knock-Out' cultivars - it continues to be widely cultivated commercially in the Indian Subcontinent, presumably because it combines the heat resistance and continuous bloom of the China roses with heavy Damask/Bourbon fragrance. I, in any case, am excited to give it a try.

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